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If somebody calls you a 'chicken', what do they mean?

The perfect British accent. Does it really exist?

Tick Tock Rock

Learn the hours as the hands go round the clock.

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Source:  http://thelanguagepoint.com/english_collections/show/Idioms

To be the bee's knees
If you think something is the bee's knees then you think it is the best, or really good quality.  You could also say "She thinks she's the bee's knees" which means that you think someone is arrogant or self-centred.

The pot calling the kettle black
"That's the pot calling the kettle black" is a phrase you can use if you hear someone criticising someone else when they are not perfect themselves. It could be a gentle warning that we are not all perfect!

To keep your eyes peeled

Sounds painful! But if you ask someone to keep their eyes peeled, you are asking them to look carefully for something.

To pull someone's leg

If you tease someone, or try to trick them by telling a little lie, then you are  pulling someone's leg. It's always meant in friendly way. If you don't believe what someone has told you, you can also ask: "Are you  pulling my leg?" to show that you don't believe them.

To have kittens
To have kittens is an expression used when you have a sudden surprise which makes you feel worried, anxious or slightly fearful. "I nearly had kittens when I realised I'd left my passport at home"

To give someone the hairdryer treatment
Made famous by Sir Alex Ferguson when he was manager of Manchester United. If he was angry with his players, he would give them the hairdryer treatment at half-time - that is to say, he would shout at them very loudly, very close to their faces, to express his anger.

To have your finger in too many pies
If you have your finger in too many pies, you are involved in too many projects at the same time, and as a result you are not doing any of them very well. 

To be caught red-handed
If you are caught red-handed, you have been found in the act of committing a crime! It probably comes from the idea of criminals being found with blood on their hands, before they had time to clean it off.

To chicken out

Poor little chicken! To chicken out of something means to decide not to do something because you are afraid.

To catch (or have) forty winks
Nothing to do with a twitching eye! If you catch forty winks it means you are having a nap, a snooze, or a very short sleep, often during the day.

The green-eyed monster
This is a way of describing jealousy or envy.  You can also say you are 'green with envy'.

I'm all ears
Don't think that you have suddenly turned into an alien creature with ears all over your body! If you say "I'm all ears", it means you are giving someone your complete attention, and will not be distracted by anything else

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It's an animal but also something you shout. Find out when you use it:

BBC Learning English


 A yellow duck among thousands of blue plastic ducks on the River Thames

Thousands of plastic ducks float down the River Thames in the Great British Duck Race. Photo: Anthony Devlin/ PA Wire

Today's Phrase

If you tell someone to duck it means that they should lower their head because something is about to hit them.

As I walked in the door someone shouted "Duck!" But it was too late and I hit my head.

The batsman shouted "Duck!" as he hit the ball right at where the spectators were standing.

Take note

To duck out means to try and escape or get out of doing something.


Sorry, I've got to duck out of this meeting, I've got too many other things to do.

Interesting fact

The yellow duck in the photograph was among around 250,000 other blue plastic ducks floating along a one kilometre stretch of the River Thames near Hampton Court Palace in London. This Great British Duck Race raises money for charity.

Source:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/language/2013/06/130611_todays_phrase_duck.shtml

Take Me To The Mardi Gras - listening quiz

The Norwood Builder Chapter 4

‘To get’ is a verb we use a lot in English. Do you know how to use it?

An expression that will come in handy when life is hard: keep your chin up!

BBC Learning English
The English we speak

Rob tells Vera to 'keep her chin up' when she hurts herself. Will this help her to feel better? Listen to the programme to find out what this phrase means.


How to make small talk during greetings

BBC Learning English
How to...

In this programme, we look at some handy topics and phrases to use when you've said hello to someone, but want to continue the conversation. What kinds of things are suitable for small talk during greetings, beyond the usual 'how are you?'
After you have listened to the programme, get some more practice with the quiz below.


Clothing vocabulary: accessories - word bank

A spy story

In a very big town two children, William Lewis and John Smith, went to a
very special school in which all the pupils and the teachers were spies. But they have a
problem; they weren’t spies .They go to this school since they were 3 years old
They finished the school when they were 19 years old, Why they didn’t switch schools?
Because they liked it.
The kids had to pass different subjects for example: “Dodge tranquilizer darts ”
“How to defuse a bomb” “aim” and other “special” classes. This subjects were very
difficult for them. The day of the final test the two boys didn’t study anything so, when
the teacher said that the final test had began they did the test under pressure. When they
had to give the test to the teacher, the school was attacked by ninjas. So the spies and
the ninjas battled in the school. William and John went to the “Guns room” and picked
the best weapons. They attacked a ninja but when the bullet hit him, he continued
attacking the school. So they spied the ninjas and they discovered that the ninjas are
robots. So they said to the teacher and he giggled because he knew that were robots.
This was the final test.
The next day William and John were official spies, For ever
written by Hermes (advanced 1)

Across The Universe - prepositions quiz

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What's new in Buenos Aires?

What’s new in my town? Let me tell you! 

Starting June 5th the San Martin Cultural Centre presents its 2013 programme  for the area of arts and literature including seminars and conferences  in charge of the most important names of the of the Argentinian contemporary literature.
There is also a Responsible Consumption Fair: “Diagonal Sur Av.”. Every Sunday from 10  am to 19 pm in Diagonal Sur Av. between Belgrano and Alsina. 
It opens in June the work of Alejandro and  Brontis Jodorowsky, about “Report to an Academy” by Franz Kafka.
Another exiting event is “The Little Prince” with a new and dazzling audiovisual production. A literary classic represented live by actors under the starry sky of the Planetarium. Saturdays and Sundays at 4:00 pm. the price  is $50.
In my town, you can participate in the Love Letters Contest. you have time until june 9th.

What’s new in my city? A lot of exciting things have been happening lately! Let me tell you about some of them!
Last weekend, Violetta came to town! They performed a pop concert in Luna Park. It was awesome!

there are a lot of Art museums you can visit. They are very interesting and some have paints from very famous people, like Picasso.
We also have lots of cinemas where you can watch the latest movies, such as Scary Movie 5  (for teenagers) and Nada es lo que parece (for adults).
In my city, you can watch team sports, too. For example, there are a lot of soccer teams here in Buenos Aires, such as River and Boca.
My city is great. I love living here, because there are some many interesting things to do and see.

Phrasal verbs

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The Norwood Builder (Chapter 3)

My family (by Lucía K.)

I have three family members, my mum,dad and I.My family is very small.We do a lot of things together like: go to the park,ride a bike and when it´s hot,eat ice cream.

Dad-My dad always stays working at the week,he is hard-working,moody and sporty.He likes eat pizza,watch tv and knead pizza.

Mum-My mum, when has time free is on the computer,cooks or to washes clothes.She likes read books of Isabel Allende and drink mate,she is generous, simpathetic,hard- working and moody.

I have aunt,uncle and granpa.
Aunt-My aunt lives whit my uncle and grampa in Misiones.She is frienly,sporty and fun.She likes run and drink mate.

Uncle-My uncle is very fun,friendly,hard-working,generous and moody.He likes play tennis,cook reviro and make me laugh.He hasn´t got much time free,always stays working.

Grampa-My grampa usually stays sleeping,he likes stays in the ordchard and he sometimes is shy.

How does plastic affect environment?

What can we do to make the situation better?

BBC Learning English

6 Minute English

Plastic pollution

Join Dan and Kate this week as they talk about pollution. How is plastic affecting the environment and what can we do to make the situation better?

This week's question:

How many pieces of plastic are there in each square kilometre of the world’s oceans? Is it:

a) 22,000 pieces of plastic
b) 38,000 pieces of plastic
c) 46,000 pieces of plastic

Listen out for the answer in the programme!


Trip to Las Vegas

Sandra had not been to Las Vegas for more than a year. She was exited. Her sister Violet was coming by to pick her up in about ten minutes.Sandra finished putting her toothbrush and toothpaste into her travel bag; those were the last two items on her packing list.

She had called in advance , of course, to get a room for Violet and herself at the hotel. They told her no more rooms were available at the price advertised in the newspaper. This was no suprise to Sandra. So, she put down a $100 nonrefundable deposit on a room for two nights. The cost for both nights was $200 plus taxes,subcharges, and other fees.

She looked at her watch. violet was late, of course Sandra had not reminded Violet of the departure time. To put it midly, Violet was not exactly the most organized person in the world. Sandra called Violet up. She left short message: “Where are you”? It´s time to go to Las Vegas!”A few minutes later, Violet called back. She had a big problem -a schedule conflict. She had already promised to attent her daughter´s eighth-grade graduation ceremony that weekend.

After learning, angry Sandra took her purse and ran to the station to buy a single ticket to go to Las Vegas.

written by Juan Manuel (Advanced 1)

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Linking words and phrases

Source: http://library.bcu.ac.uk/learner/writingguides/1.33.htm

You can use words or short phrases which help to guide your reader through your writing, and to link sentences, paragraphs and sections both forwards and backwards. Good use will make what you have written easy to follow; bad use might mean your style is disjointed, probably with too many short sentences, and consequently difficult to follow. Your mark could be affected either way.

The best way to "get a feel" for these words is through your reading. Most textbooks and articles are well-written and will probably include a lot of these cohesive devices. Note how they are used and try to emulate what you have read. Do make sure though that you fully understand their meaning: incorrect use could change completely what you're trying to say. Try to use a variety of expressions, particularly in longer pieces of writing.

Don't forget "AND"! Two short sentences are often best connected together with this little word.

There follows a list of words and phrases that can be used. The list is not exhaustive, and BE CAREFUL: although grouped together, none is totally synonymous. Their position in the sentence can also vary; this is where your reading and dictionary come in.
Listing Giving examples Generalising
first, second, third for example in general
first, furthermore, finally for instance generally
to begin, to conclude as follows: on the whole
next that is as a rule
Reinforcement in this case for the most part
also namely in most cases
furthermore in other words usually
moreover Result/consequence Highlighting
what is more so in particular
in addition therefore particularly
besides as a result/consequence especially
above all accordingly mainly
as well (as) consequently Reformulation
in the same way because of this/that in other words
not only ... but also thus rather
Similarity hence to put it more simply
equally for this/that reason Expressing an alternative
likewise so that alternatively
similarly in that case rather
correspondingly under these circumstances on the other hand
in the same way Deduction the alternative is
Transition to new point then another possibility would be
now, in other words Contrast
as far as x is concerned in that case instead
with regard/reference to otherwise conversely
as for ... this implies that ... on the contrary
it follows that if so/not in contrast
turning to Stating the obvious in comparison
Summary obviously Concession (sth unexpected)
in conclusion clearly however
to conclude naturally even though
in brief of course however much
to summarise as can be expected nevertheless
overall surely still
therefore after all yet

Here are just a few examples of some of the words in action:

Desktop computers are cheaper and more reliable than laptops; furthermore, they are more flexible.

Prices fell by more than 20% last year. As a result, sales increased by 15%.

On the whole, his speech was well received, despite some complaints from new members.

The South East of the UK often has the coldest weather in the winter. Conversely, the North West of Scotland frequently has the mildest temperatures.

It was a very expensive holiday, the weather was bad and the people weren’t very friendly. Nevertheless, we would probably go back to the same place.

Transition word exercise

Always ask yourself what the exact relationship is between the sentences or parts of sentences. Are you leading to the result of something? Are you making a deduction? Are you introducing some contradictory evidence or ideas? Your choice of word or phrase obviously depends on this. And always check in a good dictionary if you're not quite sure about a word's use or its position in a sentence. Remember that punctuation will affect what you use.

Insert the best alternative

1 Polls show that Tony Blair is the most popular Prime Minister this century. ______________ , there are even members    of his own party who are uneasy with his approach.

In particular
For instance
2 There are some slight variations in temperature, but ________________ 26 to 27ºC should be expected.
as a rule

3 The two main Channel Islands, ________________ Jersey and Guernsey, are much closer to France than to England.
for example
in particular

4 It was announced that nurses' working hours would be increased by 25%. ______________ , even fewer trainee nurses     are expected to join the profession.
As a result
So that
5 Sales of CDs have experienced a small but steady fall over the past 12 months. _____________ , vinyl records have    seen an increase in their share of the market, up to 1.7%.
Above all
In contrast
6 The Vice Chancellor explained that in light of the current financial climate and because of unexpected bad debts, it would be necessary to peg salary levels at their current level for all grades of staff. ______________ , no-one was getting a pay rise.
In other words
7 It is clear, therefore, that the situation in Brazil will improve only slowly. ______________ the economic problems being experienced in Japan, the outlook is slightly more optimistic.

In comparison
With reference to
8 In order to try to reduce car use in the inner cities, the government has announced new restrictions on company parking spaces and ______________ , a new tax on individual car use.
as well as
in addition
in the same way
9 Essays must be handed in by the deadline, ______________ they will not be marked.

as a result
10 ______________ it has been shown that fractures can occur at even relatively low pressures, the use of the material should not be completely discounted.
Even though 

Learn English prepositions with songs

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