martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Trip to Las Vegas

Sandra had not been to Las Vegas for more than a year. She was exited. Her sister Violet was coming by to pick her up in about ten minutes.Sandra finished putting her toothbrush and toothpaste into her travel bag; those were the last two items on her packing list.

She had called in advance , of course, to get a room for Violet and herself at the hotel. They told her no more rooms were available at the price advertised in the newspaper. This was no suprise to Sandra. So, she put down a $100 nonrefundable deposit on a room for two nights. The cost for both nights was $200 plus taxes,subcharges, and other fees.

She looked at her watch. violet was late, of course Sandra had not reminded Violet of the departure time. To put it midly, Violet was not exactly the most organized person in the world. Sandra called Violet up. She left short message: “Where are you”? It´s time to go to Las Vegas!”A few minutes later, Violet called back. She had a big problem -a schedule conflict. She had already promised to attent her daughter´s eighth-grade graduation ceremony that weekend.

After learning, angry Sandra took her purse and ran to the station to buy a single ticket to go to Las Vegas.

written by Juan Manuel (Advanced 1)

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