jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

A spy story

In a very big town two children, William Lewis and John Smith, went to a
very special school in which all the pupils and the teachers were spies. But they have a
problem; they weren’t spies .They go to this school since they were 3 years old
They finished the school when they were 19 years old, Why they didn’t switch schools?
Because they liked it.
The kids had to pass different subjects for example: “Dodge tranquilizer darts ”
“How to defuse a bomb” “aim” and other “special” classes. This subjects were very
difficult for them. The day of the final test the two boys didn’t study anything so, when
the teacher said that the final test had began they did the test under pressure. When they
had to give the test to the teacher, the school was attacked by ninjas. So the spies and
the ninjas battled in the school. William and John went to the “Guns room” and picked
the best weapons. They attacked a ninja but when the bullet hit him, he continued
attacking the school. So they spied the ninjas and they discovered that the ninjas are
robots. So they said to the teacher and he giggled because he knew that were robots.
This was the final test.
The next day William and John were official spies, For ever
written by Hermes (advanced 1)

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