martes, 11 de junio de 2013

My family (by Lucía K.)

I have three family members, my mum,dad and I.My family is very small.We do a lot of things together like: go to the park,ride a bike and when it´s hot,eat ice cream.

Dad-My dad always stays working at the week,he is hard-working,moody and sporty.He likes eat pizza,watch tv and knead pizza.

Mum-My mum, when has time free is on the computer,cooks or to washes clothes.She likes read books of Isabel Allende and drink mate,she is generous, simpathetic,hard- working and moody.

I have aunt,uncle and granpa.
Aunt-My aunt lives whit my uncle and grampa in Misiones.She is frienly,sporty and fun.She likes run and drink mate.

Uncle-My uncle is very fun,friendly,hard-working,generous and moody.He likes play tennis,cook reviro and make me laugh.He hasn´t got much time free,always stays working.

Grampa-My grampa usually stays sleeping,he likes stays in the ordchard and he sometimes is shy.

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